From Argentina With Love

“You may not have my eyes or smile, but from that very first moment, you had my heart.” Say hello to our next #JewelInHisCrown, Verena Read, an entrepreneur mom who lives and works on her family farm in Malmesbury, Western Cape. By Tamsyn Cornelius

As a young Argentinian girl on the cusp of adolescence, the idea of life in South Africa was a foreign concept to Verena, but over three decades ago, she packed up her life in Buenos Aires and trekked across oceans to start a new journey with her family in the Western Cape of South Africa.Read More »


Win! The Busy Bag for Busy Little Bodies + A Review…

As a work-from-home mom of two very active little people, I am constantly on the lookout for activities and ideas to occupy my two enquiring minds. My 3-year-old son is a confident go-getter and the complete opposite of his 6-year-old sister who is more of an introvert and a gentle, creative soul. Finding something that they both enjoy is quite rare, so when I stumbled upon Busy Bean on Facebook, I knew that we simply had to give them a try.


Instead of plastic toys and figurines that simply end up gathering dust in a toy box somewhere, Busy Bean offers a great range of educational activities for young kids that come in buckets or bags for easy storage.

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Grace In The Waiting



“There’s grace in the journey and joy in the waiting.”

Born in Ibadan Nigeria but raised in South Africa, Toyin Oladiran always had great expectations for her life and worked hard to pursue a career as a qualified lawyer. When she married her best friend, Fiyinfolu, she was almost certain that motherhood would come easily at the right time. But things don’t always work out the way we plan and sometimes we need to experience peace in the season of waiting. This is her journey as a #JewelInHisCrown. By Tamsyn Cornelius

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12 Tips You Should Know Before Planning a Road Trip With Toddlers

Road trips make for unforgettable adventure holidays with my crazy family. We usually pack up everything the night before and hit the long road before dawn while the kids are still half-asleep. This way they can get shut-eye while we make some headway en route to our destination. Many great family memories are made while road tripping with the kids. But yes, any lengthy time couped up in a car with toddlers can be challenging. Here I share some top tips for a rocking road trip with the little people! By Tamsyn Cornelius

Road trips are somewhat easier than flights! If you’re doing a flight, check out my survival guide for flying with little people. But if you’re heading on a family road trip, rest assured that you can do it at your own pace and in the comfort of your own vehicle. Firstly, the kids can make all the racket they want without upsetting the hundreds of passengers you’d expect on a Boeing! Keep things simple and be prepared to ensure a smooth drive.Read More »

Blended – The Family We Choose

Family is what happens when two people fall in love. Meet our next #JewelInHisCrown, Luchae Williams (34), a blogger, accounts manager and mom of four based in Port Elizabeth. By Tamsyn Cornelius


As a young mom at just 19 years of age, the reality of life’s struggles slapped Luchae square in the face. Suddenly she had another life to care for besides her own. But how would she navigate this journey of becoming an adult and a mother at the same time?Luchae dug deep and found her strength in Christ.Read More »

A Survival Guide For Flying with Kids

It’s #TravelTuesday which means I will be posting a travel-related piece today as part of an ongoing Travelogue every week. Today, we focus on the littlest people who often run our homes. Travelling with young kids may seem daunting, but trust me, whether on a flight or in the car, travel can be done without losing your sanity!  By Tamsyn Cornelius

Over the years, we’ve successfully lugged two toddlers halfway across the globe (with stop-overs in foreign airports) and we recently packed the family into a car for a seven-hour road trip… and we are all still alive to tell the tale! Here I share some of my top tips for travelling with your little ones!Read More »

An Advocate for the Rights of Children

“The circumstances we ask God to change are often the circumstances God uses to change us.” Meet Michelle April-Benjamin, a woman making a difference in and out of the Child Justice Court. She is our next #JewelInHisCrown. By Tamsyn Cornelius


As the eldest of six children, Michelle grew up on the Cape Flats and spent most of her childhood between different schools and provinces, due to difficult circumstances at home. Despite the challenges she had to overcome as a young woman, today Michelle (aged 37) is proud to be a magistrate in the Child Justice Court and an ordained prophetess in her local church. She recently married Mark, after being a divorcee for three years, and she is also mom to Luke (age 4).Read More »