The New Buzz Words We Can’t Get Enough Of In 2018

I don’t know about you, but my fascination with words began way before I could even read or write. I remember coming home from school distraught at learning that the foamy stuff you wash your hair with was actually called Shampoo and not Shampool… even though the latter’s reference to water seemed more appropriate to me!

At the age of 16, when others were asking for a new cellphone, all I wanted was the newly revised English dictionary. Nerd Alert! Almost two decades later, I still have this dictionary with the handwritten message that says: ‘To the only person I know who wanted a dictionary for their birthday!’

Today my career is entirely based on the power of words and I love how it is an ever-evolving industry. In fact, the Oxford Dictionary completes a quarterly update and includes some of the newest words, senses and subentries to keep up with the times, four times per year. June 2018 saw the latest revised version with 900 new words added. Here are some of the trending buzzwords that made the last update… Look closely and these words will give you a clear picture of what life is all about in 2018!

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